Throw away your scale and make your New Year’s Resolutions stick

Is the scale your friend or foe?

Throw away your scaleIf you’re on a weight loss journey, it’s probably your most feared enemy, next to chocolate cake. It’s probably the first thing you consult when you wake up, even before brushing your teeth.  It’s probably driving you crazy.

You’ve probably heard someone say that muscle is heavier than fat too. So, which is heaver, 5 lbs. of muscle or 5 lbs. of fat?  Which would you rather have.

I can hear your argument.

“John, muscle is more dense, so given the same volume, muscle will weigh more”.

You got me. You’re right. But if you’re trying to get smaller, don’t you want to occupy less space?  Swap 5 lbs. of fat for 5 lbs. of muscle and that muscle will take up less space.

That’s a good thing.  Not only will you be a smaller you, but you’ll be a healthier you, a more functional you, your body will burn more calories at work and at rest, and you’ll look better.  Clothes will fit better too.

Are you more concerned with the number on the scale or are you really trying to change how you look in the mirror and how you feel?

Isn’t that the true measure of health and fitness?

Throw out your scale.

Move more.

Eat better.

If you’d like more ideas to help eliminate those holiday pounds and get yourself back on the right track, I’ll be presenting ” Three Things You Must Do To Lose That Extra Weight ” at the Fountaindale Library on Tuesday, January 10, at 7pm.  I hope you’ll be able to join me.

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