Snooze to get strong and thin

I was reminded recently of one more thing to help lose weight.


That’s right. Get more sleep. Exercise tears down the body, rest builds it back up. Our mindset is backwards. We often think that we need to pack more into the day and that will make us better. Sometimes, working longer isn’t working smarter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to snore the day away and think you’re going to get ripped while snoozing. But, the body really does need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to recover. And, you can’t “make up” sleep. Five hours a night during the weekdays and 10 on the weekends doesn’t cut it, sorry.

Here’s a real life example. I used to work for a big bank (this one’s pretty strong and only received a minor amount of bailout money). When I left the bank in 2005 to start our business, my exercise routine didn’t change significantly, but my sleep did. Previously, I was getting 5-1/2 hours each night and had trouble falling asleep. Despite the stress of starting our own business without a safety net, I no longer had to catch a 6:10AM train and I started to get 7-8 hours each night. Not only did I start falling asleep faster, but I lost 5 pounds within two weeks and I haven’t seen those pounds since.


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