Cut the carbs, cut the energy (but not the fat!)

The body needs energy. How does the body get energy? A key source is carbohydrate. That’s right, the stuff that all those diets want you to believe is the root of all evil is actually your greatest source of energy, and in fact is the only source of energy for some brain functions.

Carbohydrate is also needed to burn fat for energy. Without carbs, the body looks to break down muscle to keep it fueled up, meaning that you’ll lose muscle while leaving the fat behind.

You should look to healthy options for your carbohydrate and stay away from the “bad carbs”. Good sources include fruit and vegetables. Not only will these sources provide you with carbohydrate that enters your bloodstream slower, giving you energy longer, but they are also better sources of fiber which meakes you feel fuller.

Stay away from the sugary or refined carbs, also known as high-glycemic, such as candy, most cereals, white bread, white rice, popcorn, white potatoes.

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