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Core 500 with the TRX Suspension Trainer

Published on July 10, 2010 By John

The core. That’s where it all begins. All movement begins at the core. If you’re looking to improve your daily function, your endurance, your strength, your athletic performance, train the core and you’ll make incredible gains. There are misconceptions about the core, so let’s take a minute to straighten that out first. Many people hear […]

TRX 40/40 Atomic Pushup/Low Row Challenge

Published on April 11, 2010 By John

The folks at Fitness Anywhere, makers of the TRX Suspension Trainer, put out a challenge a few months ago. I took up the challenge and made it. Watch the video below! The TRX 40/40 challenge involves doing 40 Atomic Push Ups, followed by a 1 minute rest period, and then doing 40 Low Rows. It’s […]

John’s Super Bowl XLIV Predicition

Published on February 6, 2010 By John

The big game is tomorrow and here’s my predicition. Check out the video below where I use my TRX Suspension Trainer to give you the prediction. I love training with the TRX. It’s versatile and effective. You get a great total body workout and can get it quick! Drew Bress calls the TRX “the greatest […]

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