Twelve Days of Christmas Workout

It’s time for another installment in the holiday workout series.  Consider the “Twelve Days of Christmas” workout my gift to you.  Make sure you’re ready though.  It’s tougher than Aunt Betty’s fruitcake.

 Here’s how it works:

It’s a little different from the song.  For this workout you’ll be going in reverse order from the song.  Normally, you’d start at the first day, the small number, and go to the last day, the big number.  For this workout, you’ll start with the twelfth day and go down from there.

For example, you’ll start with twelve repetitions of the first exercise.  Then, you’ll go for twelve of the first exercise again, eleven of the second.  Start over with 12 reps of the first exercise, 11 of the second, and 10 of the third.  Keep repeating just like that until you’ve done all twelve exercises.

As if the Twelve Days of Christmas Workout isn’t challenging enough, you’ll be doing this workout with as little rest as possible and time yourself.  When you’re done you will have completed 650 total reps. 

Now it’s your turn.   You’ll find a list of the exercises below along with a video demonstration.  I completed the series in 50 minutes.  Let me know your time.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

12 Prisoner squats

11 Stability ball rollouts

10 Mountain climbers (per side)

9 Stability ball exchanges

8 Medicine ball goalies (each leg)

7 Inverted rows

6 Stability ball hamstring curls

5 Dumbbell snatches (each arm)

4 Renegade rows (each arm)

3 Burpees

2 L-sit raises

1 Minute stability ball plank

Mix it up by stirring the pot

If you’re looking for some more variety for your core workout, here’s a great exercise. Be prepared though. It requires a good amount of core stability and perfoming this one correctly requires control.

Show the hammies some love with this exercise!

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl
Stability Ball Hamstring Curl
Ever hear of “Mirror Muscle Syndrome”?

Here’s what it means.

When many people train with weights, they focus their efforts on the muscles in the front of the body, but forget about the muscles in back, the posterior chain. If you can’t see them in the mirror, they must not be important, right? Wrong.

It’s time to show the hammies some love and here’s a great exercise to work them. Give the Stability Ball Hamstring Curl a try and let me know what you think!