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Build core strength and balance with the Stability Ball drop and Cross

Published on February 14, 2010 By John

This week’s video is an advanced exercise that will challenge your core and balance. Click here to learn how to do the stability ball drop and cross.

How to strengthen your core with the Stability Ball Pass

Published on December 27, 2009 By John

You’re either going to love or hate this exercise, but there’s no doubt that it will help you develop a strong core. Click here to build the core you’ve wanted with the Stability Ball Pass

Try the Stability Ball Jacknife for a Powerful Core and Abs

Published on December 19, 2009 By John

This is one of my favorite exercises!  If you’re ready for an advanced exercise to improve your core strength and challeng your balance, try the Stability Ball Jacknife.  Click here to learn the Stability Ball Jacknife.

Develop Core Rotational Strength with the Stability Ball Oblique Crunch

Published on November 12, 2009 By John

The stability ball is a pretty versatile piece of equipment.  If you’ve been watching my videos, you’ll see that I use it for quite a few exercises.  The body moves in three planes of motion.  First is the sagittal plane, which involves forward and backward movement.  For example, walking on a treadmill is a sagittal […]