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Try the Stability Ball Jacknife for a Powerful Core and Abs

Published on December 19, 2009 By John

This is one of my favorite exercises!  If you’re ready for an advanced exercise to improve your core strength and challeng your balance, try the Stability Ball Jacknife.  Click here to learn the Stability Ball Jacknife.

Spice up your program with the Stability ball tuck and extend

Published on December 4, 2009 By John

A lot of exercisers think the only exercise they can do to build their core is to do endless crunches. Boring.  Too much spinal flexion.  Boring.  Isolates the Rectus Abdominus while not recruiting other muscles.  Boring. Spice up your routine with the stability ball tuck and extend Too easy for you? Add a push up as […]