Are you weak?

Are you weak?There’s a book that sweeping the business market lately and it’s called StrengthsFinder. The book is based on the theory that most people don’t have the opportunity to use their strengths at work each day. This is caused by many things, including not really knowing what you’re strongest at and a job that has you doing something you’re not good at doing. For example, outstanding salespeople are frequently recruited into sales management roles. The thought here is that if they know how to sell, they must know how to manage salespeople. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

The premise behind Strengths Finder is to determine your strengths and learn how to use them to your benefit and the benefit of your entire organization. As a team you each can then rely on one another to do what you’re strongest at and as a whole you’re better off. Great idea…in the right environment.

While this concept can be applied in business and in life, one area that this doesn’t translate to perfectly is your fitness. If you find the few things that you do best and do those things almost exclusively, you’re forgetting the rest of your body. What good is it if you can do bicep curls like nobody’s business, but you can’t make it up a flight of stairs without stopping for a breather?

When you’re dealing with your fitness, your body can’t rely on someone else to be effective at what you’re weakest at doing. (Imagine this one at home: “Hey honey, I’ll stay down here and do bicep curls all day and if I need something from upstairs you can go get it for me”). Your body has to work as a complete system and each muscle relies on the others to reach the goal. Rarely do you move only one joint of the body, so why should you focus all your training on single joint movements?

Keep developing your strengths, but pay particular attention to what you’re weak at doing and work on that too. Your body will thank you!

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