What’s on your bucket list?

I ask people all the time to pick a goal.  I hear some big hairy audacious goals and I hear some pretty small and manageable goals. 

I like big goals and it’s time to think big. 

Here are a few things that come to mind for my adventure bucket list, in no particular order.  Take a read through them and leave me a comment below to let me know what’s on your bucket list. 

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  1. Never thought of a bucket list as something significant that would focus on what I wanted out of life. I always thought of it as carless dreaming, but always had a kind of running list in my head but never wrote them down. Just did it yesterday! Here is a list of what I dream about. A lot involve travel because I love to sight see and what a photo opportunity that would be!!

    1. Explore the pyramids at Giza, The Valley of the Kings, and touch the Sphinx. maybe ride a camel while I’m there.
    2. Learn to parachute.
    3. Visit Venice, Italy and eat some really awesome pizza while I”m there!
    4. Walk the Great Wall of China.
    5. Learn to ice skate. (never did it)
    6. Go to a Renaissance Fair with a friend and just be crazy together.
    7. Learn a martial art.
    8. Meet someone with a really cool telescope, go out to the country and just spend the entire night talking and stargazing.
    9. Spend a day with Johnny Depp and Eminem so I can get over my weird fascination with them….or not :p.
    10. Enter and finish The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race.
    11. Achieve my ideal weight along with six pack abs and killer calf muscles!
    12. See a Mountain Gorilla in the wild.
    13. Swim with Dolphins.
    14. Visit the Louvre in Paris.
    15. Go Whale Watching.
    16. Fly in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon and watch the sunset from the rim.
    17. Go Paragliding.
    18. Visit Angel Falls in Venezuela. (The tallest waterfall in the world.)
    19. Meet someone and develop a friendship bond strong enough that we get the same tattoo to commemorate our devotion to each other. (Came close but never happened.)
    20. Live abroad for at least 6 months in another part of the world.
    21. Witness The Running of the Bulls.
    22. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru.
    23. Take a photography course.
    24. Check out the Big Heads on Easter Island!
    25. Take my Grandson Jacob on the trip of his dreams when he graduates high school.

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