A lesson from the Bolingbrook High School Girl’s Basketball Team

basketballThe Bolingbrook High School girl’s basketball team won the IL Class 4A state championships for the third year in a row two weeks ago. It’s a great accomplishment and the whole Village of Bolingbrook is excited for them.

They didn’t get there by accident. Above all, they’re each students and their class grades take priority. Under IHSA rules, they have to be passing a minimum of five core classes. If they fall below in any class, they become ineligible. As you can imagine, to play at a high level they’ve all got to be there for their team by being on top of their class work.

In addition to their studies, they’re practicing mornings, after school, weekends, and then also playing 33 games over three months, including trips to Tennessee, Arizona, Ohio, and of course, Bloomington.

It takes dedication. They didn’t expect to just show up and win. There are no shortcuts. Just hard work. There’s no magic pill that a player can take and instantly have better skills. Just more hard work.

Fitness works the same way. Have a plan, be consistent in your efforts, work hard, get a coach, and never, ever give up, and you’ve got a better chance of reaching your goal.

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