Protect yourself on the bike or run with Road ID

I try to keep this blog limited to content that you can use. Occasionally, when I come across a product that I use myself and believe in, I’ll let you know about it. I consider a product that can save your life one of those things you should know about.

For a couple of years now, I’ve ridden my bike wearing a Road ID. The concept behind this thing is really simple and the cost is very low. Basically, it’s an ID tag that can be used to identify you and provide emergency responders with contact information as well as allergy and other important info.

The Road ID is a lightweight neoprene band with an engraved tag that you wear either on your ankle or wrist. It’s lightweight, flexible, and I don’t even realize it’s there.

It’s not limited to bike riders either. Runners, walkers, and anyone who spends any time outdoors should have one.

Twenty bucks can save your life. Get your Road ID right here!

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