You’ve Seen the Plank, Try the Side Plank

The plank is one of my favorite exercises because it engages so many muscles of the body and it’s so simple. 

After doing the plank for a while, you’ll find that you get more efficient at it and you’ll begin looking for ways to change it. 

You've Seen the Plank, Try the Side Plank
You've Seen the Plank, Try the Side Plank

One way to change the plank is to perform a side plank. The forward plank primarily focuses on the abs and low back while engaging stabilizing muscles to keep you steady. 

The side plank has you up on one arm, rather than two, with your body perpendicular to the ground. 

This position engages the obliques to keep gravity from doing it’s work and bringing your midsection to the floor. Hold the side plank as long as you can, switch to the other side, and repeat.

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