Crazy deal on the TRX Suspension Trainer and Rip Trainer

Many of you know I’m a big fan of the TRX Suspension Trainer.  I’ve only mentioned a few products here on this blog and only because I use them myself and believe they’re some of the best tools you can buy.

TRX is offering a great post-Christmas sale.  Buy your suspension trainer or TRX Rip trainer,  through the link below and you’ll get 20% off PLUS free shipping..  Make sure you use the code AFFILIATETRX or SALE20 at checkout to get the deal!   

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The offer is only good through Monday, December 31.  Heck, I paid more for my own TRX, but it’s worth it.  

20% off TRX HOME, PRO, FORCE & RIP + Free shipping Now At! Use Code: AFFILIATETRX or SALE20 – Good Through 12/31/12! Click Here!

TRX Sponsors US! Longs Peak, here we come!

Longs PeakFor the past 2-1/2 months we’ve been tirelessly promoting our participation in the TRX Sponsors You contest. (If you’re not already familiar with the TRX Suspension Trainer, go here). Thanks to the efforts of the readers of this blog and all our our Facebook friends, students at Neuqua Valley High School, Gregory Middle School, family, and many other friends, we won!

Courtesy of TRX Training, my daughters and I are going to climb Long’s Peak this summer. I couldn’t be more excited and I know they feel the same. I’ve always loved the mountains. Rachael is too young to remember her trip to Alaska when she was 2 and Sara’s never been to the mountains. Neither have ever been above 5000 feet except for a few trips in an airplane. Winning the contest was the easy part and now comes the preparation, planning, and training.

In addition to my other fitness related articles, I am planning to document the trip and our preparation for the climb on this blog. Before you begin thinking that this doesn’t apply to fitness, let me explain.

One of the most important parts of your fitness journey is setting a goal. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. If you don’t have a goal, what are you doing and why are you doing it? Second, reaching your fitness goals involves more than just working out. It involves a personal commitment beyond the weight room or cardio machines. It involves you and those around you supporting your goal. It requires planning and preparation of your mind to visualize reaching the goal. It involves asking yourself regularly, “is what I’m doing today right now, helping me reach my goals”. Our goal is going to be completed one step at a time, literaly, and so is yours.

With that in mind, our goal is to be standing on the summit of Long’s Peak this summer. I look foward to sharing our progress with you!

Functional fitness finally makes it to the US military!

The US Army recently announced that it is testing a radical change to the fitness testing for soldiers.

The current testing involves a push up, sit up, and two-mile run test. While all three are great exercises, none simulates a situation that a soldier would find themselves in on the battlefield. They’re not lacing up the Nikes and going for a two mile jog. Instead, they’re wearing 60 pounds of body armor and other gear while carrying a rifle, ready to fire no less, while running through uneven and hostile terrain. That scenario requires you to be able to do more than a sit up.

In addition to adding agility tests to the “fitness readiness” portion of testing, a “combat readiness” test will also include a 400 meter run carrying a rifle through an obstacle course in full combat gear, and crawling and leaping over obstacles while aiming their rifle. Soldiers also run on a balance beam while carrying a 30-pound ammo box and do an agility sprint around a course of cones. Soldiers must drag a sled weighted with 180 pounds of sandbags to test pulling a fallen team member from the battlefield.

The US military has also been getting pretty progressive with the equipment they’re using the train soldiers. The military recently announced a purchase of 24,000 TRX Suspension Trainers for deployment to all branches of the service. Now each deploying brigade or battallion will have access to a TRX unit.

Functional fitness finally makes it to the US military! Is it time to look at what you’re doing as well? Think about what you do during the day and what you’d like to do from a recreation or sports standpoint. Are the exercises you do in any way supporting functional movement?

For example:

  • A flight attendant might find exercises that simulate picking up a suitcase and lifting it overhead to place it into an overhead compartment more beneficial than another 25 reps on the leg adduction machine at their local gym.
  • A scuba diver would benefit from exercise to help them lift loaded tanks more than 15 additional minutes of steady state work on the treadmill.
  • A basketball player would benefit more from plyometric box jumps than a fifth set of bicep curls.

When it comes down to it, we exercise for a reason. For some it’s purely aesthetic and that’s OK. For most it’s about function. It’s about being able to do things with your body that you either can’t do today, or continue doing what you’re already able to do many years from now.

Here’s an easy way to help us win the TRX Get With The Movement Contest

Thanks to the help of my readers, Facebook friends, family, non-Facebook friends, and more, my daughters and I are really in the running for the top prize in the TRX Get With The Movement sponsorship contest.  Thank you!

My friend Ken Hansen (he’s a great handyman.  If you’ve got a to do list, he’ll make it his get it done list) gave me an idea.  He said that he’s set his home page as our video so each time he opens a web browser the video gets another view.  Great idea!

Here are the simple steps to changing your home page:

1. Click the following link to visit our TRX Get With The Movement video on You Tube:

 2. If you’re using Internet Explorer, click the toolbar picture of the house at the top right of your screen (see below).

 3. Choose Add or Change Home Page

 4. From the Add or Change Home Page dialog box, choose “Use this webpage as your only home page.

 After we win the TRX Get With The Movement contest (don’t worry, I’ll announce it on this blog), you’re welcome to leave our video as your home page so you can see us every day.  But, if you’d like to change it back to your original home page we’ll understand.  Just follow the same steps above but be sure to change the link in step 1 to your preferred home page.

My daughters want to climb Long’s Peak and you can help

Vote for our video and help us get to Long's Peak
Vote for our video and help us get to Long's Peak

My daughters and I have entered a contest through Fitness Anywhere, the makers of the TRX Suspension Trainer, and we need your help.  We’ve created a video and all we’re asking is that you watch the video and share it with all of your friends.  Each view counts as a vote and will help us get to our goal.

If we get enough votes, TRX will sponsor us on a climb of Long’s Peak and give us a video camera to document the whole thing.  Please help us make the dream happen!

Copy the link below and share it through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, every method you can think of:

 In addition to sharing the link, click below to watch the video right here!