Yet another push up variation

One of my past posts introduced an “exercise” I called the Pushback.  

 I’m giving you a variation on the pushback today, and this one’s a real exercise.  The push up is a classic old school exercise that many people overlook.  To many, it just sounds too simple to be effective.  However, sometimes the easiest solutions are also some of the most effective and the push up is no exception.  The Pushback Push Up adds a different twist by engaging the shoulders and upper back in a different way than the standard push up. 

Give this one a try and leave me a comment below to let me know how you like it.

The failure of fast fat loss

A new diet pill was approved for sale by the FDA this week. Most people who are looking for a quick solution to this never ending problem are undoubtedly celebrating, believing that their prayers have finally been answered. So, will they get what they’re looking for?

The (de) evolution of Man
The (de) evolution of Man

Most quick fix weight loss plans, medically supported or otherwise, often end in failure. In fact, the person frequently ends up in an even worse situation and gains more weight. The reason is because the bad things that caused you to pack on the pounds in the first place are still there. Those reasons don’t disappear when you take that little pill.

Here’s how it works. You take a pill or drink a shake that tastes like wallpaper paste and wait for the fat to fall off. Sure, they work. You lose weight immediately in fact. Unfortunately, most of  that weight loss comes from your wallet.

The real reason you became larger can’t be reversed with a pill.  You got bigger by eating too much of the wrong stuff, not moving enough or moving the wrong way, sleeping too little, and just not paying attention. All those reasons are still there. The pill or shake or goofy cabbage soup diet…none of those teach you how to eat properly, how much you need to eat, how to exercise properly to reach your goals, all the things that will help you get to your goals and stay there for years to come.

Most people also have unrealistic expectations of weight loss drugs. Despite the manufacturers published research findings which indicate an average weight loss of 5.8% over one year, they expect to be the exception to the rule and get a better result. That means a 220 pound person will still weigh 207 pounds a year later.

That’s an epic failure if you ask me.

13 pounds. That’s just over 1 pound per month. You could do the same thing by just burning an extra 16 calories per day.

Do this right now.

1. Stand up from your computer.
2. Walk around your house for three minutes.
3. Come back to the computer

Go ahead and do it now. I’ll wait right here.

OK, congratulations, you just burned more than 16 calories. Save your money on the pills and potions. Spend that money on a fitness center membership and professional help from a trainer (shameless plug) who can help you identify your goals, help guide you through a meaningful exercise program, and provide advice on how to make better nutrition choices.

We’ve become so determined to find the easy way to get something done that we forget it’s all about the basics.  We’ve devolved.   Get up and away from the computer.  Put down the cell phone.  Shut off the TV.  Go outside and experience life.  Go for a walk.  Just don’t walk to the drug store to buy that new pill.