Tigger’s secret to a longer, happier life

My friend and personal training client Brenda was explaining her recent bike ride.  During her ride, she was easily distracted from the task at hand to begin hunting for acorns, watching the trees blow in the wind, and whatever else caught her interest.  She then asked what I was doing and I said “I’m crushing acorns and kicking them out of the way.  I’ve got stuff to do”. 

Tao of Pooh
Tao of Pooh

Her explanation and my reply reminded me of a book I read awhile back called “The Tao of Pooh“.  For those who’ve never read the book, Benjamin Hoff eloquently uses the characters in A.A. Milne’s books to describe the principles of Taoism.  It’s a fun read and really gets you thinking about your approach to life.

My favorite character in the Winnie the Pooh books has always been Tigger.   Rabbit is always focused on getting things done, to the point where he never has time for fun.  Tigger takes things as they come and gets easily distracted.  He enjoys life to it’s fullest and this frustrates characters like Rabbit to no end. 

Who would you imagine is the healthier one?  Tightly wound Rabbit or springs-on-his feet Tigger? 

Who are you?

I love Tigger, but sometimes I feel more like Rabbit.  I’m going on vacation soon and I’m going to do everything I can to live like Tigger.  Sorry Rabbit, you’re not invited.

It’s a morning thing…you wouldn’t understand

Good morning Bolingbrook
Good morning Bolingbrook

I love mornings.  Early mornings.  I get up at half past crazy most days and sometimes earlier.  Yesterday was one of those days.

Usually I’m waking up so I can go train with a client, but yesterday my earliest meeting was at 8 am so I decided to go for an early bike ride.  Fourty-three miles later and I was home having breakfast with my family by 7 am.  Love it!

I noticed something on the ride and I thought about how true it is both outdoors and inside.  Outdoor, you can be a runner, walker, cyclist, whatever, and when you see someone else doing one of those things, we wave to each other.  It’s just a quick acknowledgement that says, “yea, I get it.  I’m part of the club too”.  (The exception is the bullet-helmeted triathletes. Dude, look up from your aero bars and give us a little love. It’s OK, it won’t mess with your training). 

The gym is even friendlier early in the morning.  The 15 or so people who are part of the 5 am club at LifeStyles Fitness Center know eachother by name.  They talk to one another. They care about their friends. They take pride in the place they work out and they pick up after themselves.  As the crowd grows throughout the day and into the evening it’s still friendly, but just a little less personal.  People put on the headphones and tune out to those around them and it doesn’t have quite the same feeling.  The next time you’re in the gym and you find yourself zoning out to all around you and need that personal connection, take a second to acknowledge someone around you and say hello.  You’ll be surprised how it will help you enjoy your workout even more.

If you’re a morning person, come on, join the club! We’re looking forward to seeing you, indoors or out.  We’ll even give you a wave.

No more excuses

It’s easy to say “I can’t”.

It’s easy to find excuses.  There’s always something else to do. 

One less hour a day on Facebook.

One less late night TV show.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier.

Shut off the TV.

Find reasons to do it and stop finding reasons to NOT do it.

When it comes down to what’s really important, you have to take care of #1.

If he can do it, so can you.