7 days to a stronger, faster, and more powerful golf swing

Would you like more speed, power, and distance?
Would you like more speed, power, and distance?
Golf season is here!

Golf is about flexibility, rotational strength and power, but many golfers aren’t sure how to develop that strength and power. I want to help you make this your best season ever and I’ve got a series of exercises that can help make it happen.

It doesn’t take a lot of equipment. There are no fancy gadgets with a golfers name on them needed. Just a little bit of time and commonly available tools.

First things first though. Let’s talk flexibility. Most golfers limit their flexibility routine to the 30 seconds while waiting at the first tee box. They take out the big dog driver, place it over their shoulders with their hands wrapped around the ends, and twist from one side to the other.

Please stop.

If you’d like to do more for your game, here’s a full body stretching routine that will take only a few minutes but if done a once a day, will shave strokes off your game.

If you’re ready to add strength, power, and speed to your game over the next 7 days, just enter your info below and you’ll be on your way to a better game with my latest video series!

If you want a faster, stronger, more powerful golf swing, you need these exercises!

7 steps to a better, faster, stronger golf swing

Stand up and get stronger

John demonstrates a standing cable chest press
John demonstrates a standing cable chest press
You can do exercises sitting down.

You can do exercises standing up.

If overall functional ability is a goal and you have a choice, stand up. Here’s why.

When you exercise sitting or lying down, you engage fewer muscles. Think about it. You’ve got a machine or bench to brace yourself against. For example, do a standard bench press and your body is braced by the bench. The primary muscles of the chest do the work, but the rest of your body isn’t engaged.

Stand up and do a chest press using a cable machine. Your lower body has to engage to keep you standing. Your core has to engage to keep you upright. The stabilizing muscles of the body are firing as you’re performing the exercise and managing the independent movement of each cable and the constant tension of the cable machine.

Engage more muscle and you use more calories. As an added bonus, you’re simulating normal daily activity where the body moves as a system rather than isolating a specific muscle group.

Go ahead, stand up! Here’s a video to get you started.

TRX 40/40 Atomic Pushup/Low Row Challenge

TRX 40/40 Challenge
TRX 40/40 Challenge
The folks at Fitness Anywhere, makers of the TRX Suspension Trainer, put out a challenge a few months ago. I took up the challenge and made it. Watch the video below!

The TRX 40/40 challenge involves doing 40 Atomic Push Ups, followed by a 1 minute rest period, and then doing 40 Low Rows. It’s a great test of upper body strength and stability. The Atomic push ups were tough, but I really had my hands full with the Low Rows. I had to rest a few times on the rows, but I never compromised my form and never touched the ground.

I’ve written about the TRX before and this won’t be the last time. It’s a phenomenla functional training tool and one that you can take anywhere. If you’d like to get your own TRX, check it out right here!

While you’re doing that, I’ll be recovering.

Burn the bunny fat with the cottontail crusher!

I hope you’re having a great Easter. I’m enjoying the day with family, but I’ll be sure to get a quick workout in too.

If you’re looking for a fun challenge, my daughters and I had fun putting this one together. Try the Cottontail Crusher, my new Easter themed workout.

There’s a video of the workout below. If you’d like to have the list of exercises and times delivered right to your e-mail, along with more free workouts in the future, just sign up below.

Happy Easter!