Here’s another great, dynamic full body exercise

Try this full body exercise
Try this full body exercise
Here’s a great exercise that engages the whole body. I’ve seen it called many things, some I can’t mention here, but we’ll call it a Goalie.

This dynamic exercise gets the whole body involved and gets your heart pumping, while also challenging your balance system. In this video, I’m using a 3kg medicine ball.

Watch the video right here!

Simple and Healthy Chicken Pizza Recipe

Mmmm! Chicken Pizza!
Mmmm! Chicken Pizza!
Here’s something different but I thought you’d enjoy it.

Eating healthy does NOT mean bland and boring food. They say the
proof is in the pudding. Well, I don’t have a recipe for pudding
today, but how about one for pizza!

Click here for the recipe

PS – This mouthwatering Healthy Chicken Pizza is just ONE of the
197 Healthy and Delicious Recipes my friends over at Prograde
Nutrition have compiled.

Check out the recipe book here

Functional strength in a bag with the TRX Suspension Trainer

John Demos the TRX Suspension Trainer
John Demos the TRX Suspension Trainer

I love functional training. I use it with all of my clients, in different ways.


Because your body works as a system, not in isolation. There’s a place for isolation exercises like bicep curls and calf raises, but when it comes down to it, are you trying to develop ripped calves or are you trying to develop an explosive jump. Most people work out because they want to do something with their bodies, like out-jump, out-run, or out-last the competition. If you’re trying to develop your body to work effectively as a system, functional training is the answer. Even if your goal isn’t athletic performance and you just want to move more effectively, functional training is important.

My hands down favorite tool for functional training is the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can use it for literaly hundreds of different exercises and get an amazing workout using just your own bodyweight. With every exercise, you’re training your core to stabilize your body as well as working the prime mover muscles to perform the exercise. As an added bonus, you can get that workout done in a shorter time because you don’t have to wander all over the gym switching weight plates, machines, etc.

I use it with grandmothers and I use it with athletes. Just a few small adjustments with your body position and each both the grandmother and the athlete get an equally effective workout.

Click here to get your TRX today!

Here’s a video with just a few examples of exercises you can do with the TRX Suspension Trainer.

Click this video to see the TRX Suspension Trainer in action!
Click this video to see the TRX Suspension Trainer in action!

Help fight cancer through Relay for Life

A little over a year ago, a very good friend of our daughters was diagnosed with cancer. In a short 9 months, Brianna finished the race strong but ultimately lost her battle with the disease. As a father, watching a child’s life cut short was heartbreaking. It’s hard for me to even write about it.

I’ve formed a team for the Relay for Life in Bolingbrook to make a small contribution and maybe help one more child enjoy another birthday and I’m asking for your support.

In the 2 minutes it takes to make a donation to my American Cancer Society Relay For Life® team, you can help me and my team save lives – and improve the quality of life for people who have cancer.

The American Cancer Society invests much-needed funds raised through Relay For Life® to save lives from cancer. They’ll use your donation to:

• Help people stay well by educating them on ways prevent cancer or detect it early, when it’s most treatable.
• Help people get well with FREE hands-on support through every step of their cancer experience.
• Find cures by funding groundbreaking research that helps us understand cancer’s causes, determine how best to prevent it, and discover new ways to cure it.
• Fight back by working with lawmakers to pass laws to defeat cancer and rally communities worldwide to join the fight.

Every donation really does make a difference. Please visit my personal Relay for Life page to make a secure, tax-deductible online donation.

If it’s easier to spread your donation over several months, you can do that by choosing a “sustaining gift” option. Thank you for joining me in this effort. I will keep you updated on my progress.

To learn more about Relay For Life®, please visit