Build a strong core with the stability ball rollout

Build a strong core with the stability ball rollout
Build a strong core with the stability ball rollout

In this video, I’ll show you another great exercise that you can do with a stability ball to develop your core.

This is another challenging exercise that will stress your abdominals, low back, shoulders, and chest.  Be sure to brace your abs with this one, as with all core exercises, and only go out as far as you can while keeping the natural curve of the low back.  If the back begins to fall inward, stop and return to the start.  As your strength develops, you’ll be able to go our further.  Proper form is critical to the success of the exercise and most importantly to your health!

Click here to build a strong core with the stability ball rollout

What’s wrong with your exercise program and how to fix it!

Every day I see people come the the fitness center and exercise with great intentions but they’re not seeing results.  Day after day they work out, many of them dreading every moment because they’re frustrated at the lack of success.

Results can happen.  They just need to know how to do it and I can help.

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Project America Run – Remembering their sacrifice

Mike Ehredt - Project America Run
Mike Ehredt - Project America Run

My friend Mike Ehredt is first and foremost and all-around great guy, and second a world class athlete.  He’s pretty humble and would never tell you that, but he’s accomplished some pretty impressive athletic endevours in remote places all around the world, including the Marathon des Sable.

In May 2010 he’ll be undertaking his biggest and most important adventure to date.  He’ll be running across the USA in honor of fallen veterans of the Iraq War.  Mike will be placing a flag each mile for each soldier whose lives and dreams were sacrificed.

Visit the Project America Run website, learn about this increible journey, and please consider making a donation to allow Mike to honor our national’s veterans.

Thanks Mike!

Develop Core Rotational Strength with the Stability Ball Oblique Crunch

Add Rotation to your Program with the Stability Ball Oblique Crunch
Add Rotation to your Program with the Stability Ball Oblique Crunch

The stability ball is a pretty versatile piece of equipment.  If you’ve been watching my videos, you’ll see that I use it for quite a few exercises. 

The body moves in three planes of motion.  First is the sagittal plane, which involves forward and backward movement.  For example, walking on a treadmill is a sagittal plane movement.  Second is the frontal plane which is side-to-side motion.  Third involves the transverse plane, or rotational movement.  Most injuries that occur in life  do so in the frontal and transverse planes, yet most exercise machines are designed for sagittal movement.  Unless you incorporate those movements into your exercise, you’re at greater risk for injury.

Add this challenging core exercise to your plan to develop rotational strength.

The Iceman Cometh, and the memories live on

This is my favorite time of year.  It has nothing to do with the change of seasons.  Nothing to do with pumpkins, Halloween goblins, and all that. 

The Iceman is coming!

“What’s the Iceman”, you ask?

Iceman is a 27-mile point to point mountain bike race that I’ve done nearly every year for the past 20 years.  It’s held in the first week of November, regardless of the weather, and I’ve done it in wind, rain, snow, and less frequently, warm sunny temps.  It draws over 2000 participants to Michigan’s North Woods as one of the largest races in the US.

It’s one of those things that for both me and my family has created good memories that will last a lifetime.  It’s one of those examples of how fitness has made a difference in my life and why I have a passion for helping others improve their fitness so they can create their own memories.

I’ve written about the Iceman before on this blog and in two separate magazines in the Chicago area and Michigan.  Since it’s coming up this week I thought I’d share that story with you again.