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The easy way to keep a food journal

October 31, 2009

Keeping a food journal is an important step in understanding what you eat, when you eat, and why you eat.  Understanding that information can help you see those bad habits and food triggers and keep them under control.  But, if you’ve ever tried to keep a food journal you know that it can be quite […]

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Work those abs with the bicycle

October 23, 2009

There are lots of very effective exercises that you can do, other than the standard boring curl up, to work your abdominals.  The bicycle is just one of many that you’ll find on my YouTube channel and I’ll be adding even more over the coming weeks.  With this exercise, you’ll activate the obliques, rectus abdominus, […]

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The Cure Starts Now Holiday Cards

October 17, 2009

Our daughter’s friend Brianna is one of twelve brave kids who have battled, or are battling brain cancer and who have created holiday cards for The Cure Starts Now. Help honor them, and all children fighting brain cancer, by purchasing these holiday cards. Each pack includes 15 cards with one of each of the designs.  (Brianna’s […]

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Get Smart, get a goal!

October 10, 2009

There are many reasons fitness programs fail.  One of the biggest is most people show up at the gym with no meaningful goal or at best, a pretty flimsy one.  More often than not, those goals usually don’t have a way to be measured and lack true meaning.   To be meaningful, your goal has to […]

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Be a Superhero with the Spiderman Push Up

October 2, 2009

Push ups are great exercises for developing strength.  But let’s face it, they can get boring.  If you’re looking for a unique variation on the tired old push up, try the Spiderman push up. The movement goes like this: Begin in the standard push up/plank position with your arms extended and hands under your shoulders. Lower […]

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