The Right Way to do Body Weight Squats

Learn how to do a body weight squat
Learn how to do a body weight squat

Squats are a very common movement and central to many different exercises.   Make sure you’re doing them correctly to protect your knees and get the most benefit from the squat.

I’ve just put up a new video to help you.

Ace Tour de Kids Miracles

My friend Andy Harrington has been training for the past nine months at the Lifestyles Fitness Center for the Ace Hardware Tour de Kids Miracles bike ride this October. This annual event raises money to help raise money for children’s hospitals around the US.

He’s made great progress with his strength and endurance and in addition to working out at the gym, has been cycling regularly to build his endurance. I have enjoyed the opportunity to have helped train Andy as he prepares for his journey. In addition to muscular endurance strength, he also needs financial support to make the trip happen.

Please take a few minutes to learn more about the cause and consider donating to the Children’s Miracle Network to help Andy make the trip. Please visit the Ace Tour de Kids Miracles website to learn more about Andy’s goal and this fantastic ride.