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Cut the carbs, cut the energy (but not the fat!)

August 26, 2009

The body needs energy. How does the body get energy? A key source is carbohydrate. That’s right, the stuff that all those diets want you to believe is the root of all evil is actually your greatest source of energy, and in fact is the only source of energy for some brain functions. Carbohydrate is […]

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Free Seminar: A Healthy Body Leads to Healthy Profits

August 4, 2009

Research shows that your health and fitness can have a direct effect on your personal and business success. The Tri-County Business Referral Group is sponsoring a free seminar titled “Healthy Body, Full Pockets” where you’ll learn tips that you can put into action right away to improve your success. The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, […]

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